Malaysian Spicy Sauce

This is one of the Spiciest dish i ever had and trust me i am in love with it.

Do you love spices ? If yes then am sure this recipe will frequent your menu.You can make a whole lot and freeze the extra portion for later use.



1. Dried Anchovies (1 Cup)

2. 1 Garlic Clove

3. 5 Shallots

4.15 Dried Red Chilis

5.1 teaspoon of Shrimp Paste

6. Onion

7.Salt and Sugar (1/2 teaspoon)


1. Make a paste with Shallots, Garlic,and Red Chili.

2. Add Shrimp paste to it.

3. In a pan fry the paste,till oil starts coming.

4. Add onions ,once it is soft add Anchovies and stir.

5.Add Tamarind Juice, Salt ,Sugar

6. Simmer till gravy thickness

Serve hot with Coconut Rice, Yellow Rice etc


N.B Keep Water NEXT to you its SUPER DUPER SPICY




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