Fried Fish with Avocado Dip

Today recipe is simple fish fry (Surmai) with Avocado dip as side dish.

These days I am quite busy with swimming  so hardly find time to  cook. Also since my mother in law is around on vacation we are having a gala time touring around the city.

Now before proceeding with the recipe , this is my mother in laws recipe 🙂


1.4 pcs Surmai Fish

2.2 Teaspoon Lemon juice.

3.1 Teaspoon garlic chopped.


5.Celery leaves chopped.


1.Marinate Fish in Salt and Lemon juice for 30 mins.

2.In a pan take oil.

3 .Fry garlic ,strain and keep aside.

4.In the same oil fry the fishes

5.Once fry add chopped celery leaves and the fried close .

The fish is ready.



1.2 Avocados

2.Sour Cream

3.Salt and Pepper

4.3 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

5. A few teaspoon of hot sauce.


Cut avocados into pieces; place in a food processor with sour cream, lime juice, and hot sauce. Cover and process until smooth. Chill thoroughly and serve avocado dip .

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