Health is Wealth-Drinks and its benefit

Eat….eat….vegetables, fresh juice…..sleep…sleep …sleep…study……etc remember those days when our moms use to run after us….and we use to get irate with her nagging .Being a mom now I realize how true Moms are….hahah  hope my kid understands me too.

Two kids to take care- Jr Dutt (my son) and Sr Dutt( my husband) I decided to do some research on healthy food and would like to share the same with all of you so that with growing age you guys can also focus on your and your family’s health.

The first healthy food that I would love to introduce you is Beet Juice.Its simple, yummy and very healthy.


1.3 Apples

2.1/2 Beetroot


Make the juice in a juicer with 2 cups water 🙂 :-).


Now for the most important part,the benefits:-

1.Blood Purifier.

2.Replenish RBC.

3.Reduces Blood Pressure.

4.Cleans liver and kidney.


2 responses to “Health is Wealth-Drinks and its benefit

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  2. Fresh juices are packed with nutrients that invigorate our body, sustain our health and by strengthen our immune system reduce the risk of major health problems. Juices are antioxidants so great to lead healthy life. Fresh juices helps in losing weight without carving by improving metabolism.

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