Boney Cookie


The name of the cookie comes from its shape 🙂 …looks like dogs bone isn’t it . Phew cookies are really not my cup of tea but by god’s grace it was great.

I hardly did click photos as firstly I was not sure if it would turn out perfect and when it did……Mr Sid (my naughty cute son) and his friends didn’t wait for me to click. Hubby and myself could hardly manage to eat half a piece each.Learnt my lesson next time to make extra and extra. Actually whenever I make something for the first time I usually try with the least quantity as I hate wasting things…..thought once or twice things did get wasted and I regretted for quite some time.Anyways its part and parcel of cooking . 

 Today planning to bake again ..will try to click photos if possible and share with you all


1.1/2 Cup Unsalted Butter .

2. 1/2 Cup Sugar .

3.1/2 Cup Brown Sugar.

4.1 Egg.

5.1 Teaspoon Vanilla.

6.1/2 Chocolate Spread.

7.1 Cup all purpose flour.

8.1 Teaspoon baking powder.

9.Pinch of salt.

10.1 Cup Semi sweet Chocolate Chips.


1.Cream butter and sugar to make the dough.

2.Add egg and Vanila and beat till smooth.

3.Add Chocolate spread and mix.

5.Add flour,baking powder,salt and stir until combined.

6.Add Choco chips add lightly.

7.Chill  dough in the refrigerator until stiff.

8.Roll into a log about 1 1/2 in diameter.

9.Slice the dough into desired shape .

10.Bake in a preheated oven (375 degree) for 10-12 mins (Be very specific about the time).


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