Besan Ladoo

Sweets,Rangoli ,Fire Crackers,exchange of gifts, jewelery shopping,mehandi ……….Diwali time- one of the most awaited festivals in North India.

This festival is believed to drive away darkness and bring happiness to everyone’s life.Houses are lid with Diyas , light, candles and few days before this festival people  clean there houses as it is believed that goddess Laxmi comes to the cleanest house and stays there :-).

Few of the religious myths surrounding the festival are-the stories of the killing of Ravana and Narakasura, the emergence of Goddess Lakshmi etc.the glory of Lord Rama to reinforce his position of “Purushottam”, that is, the Man of Honor.

This year it was more  exciting for us as for my son, Siddhanth it was a new experience so was it for my  kitchen.This is the first time I tried to make delicacies at home rather than getting it from the sweet shop.

Among all the things I made one was Besan ka ladoo  …and was more pleased after I distributed a few among the underprivileged kids.

For today i would love to share my recipe for Besan ka ladoo-


Besan (Gram/ Chick Pea Flour): 2 Cps
Pure Ghee : 1 Cup
 Sugar(powdered): 1 Cup
Elaichi (Cardamom) Powder: 2 tsp
Raisins, Almonds/Pista & Cashews as per required


1. Heat ghee in a heavy sauce pan. Add besan slowly in a pan. Mix ghee & besan very well.

2. On low flame cook the besan. Keep on stirring otherwise it will stick down (Be careful don’t let it  burn).

3. Once the besan becomes golden brown remove pan from heat. Let it cool for a while.

4. When mixture is little warm add sugar(powdered), cardamom powder, chopped dry fruits & mix well. Let it cool .

5. When mixture becomes cold, make round shapes ladoo with it and place one raisin on top. While making ladoos place one raisin on the top. Follow this procedure for remaining mixture.

6. Keep ladoos on plate until they become little dry and serve :-). You can store  ladoos in air tight container.

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