Am strictly on Filipino Diet :-)…..Chicken with Lemon Cinnamon Sauce

Confused if am sad or happy….few more days left for me to relocate to India and am not sure if I am happy or sad. Excited to meet old friends but sad to leave my Manila friends.
We have enjoyed here so much with endless get together, trips, barbeques and lots and lots of activities.Yummy food cooked by yayas,sons school etc.
Yups, ready to move on with all the sweet memories.Also looking forward to meet some of my best friends. The last one month was really busy with all packing and stacking 🙂 ,determined to take complete rest for the next 15 days as the following 1 month will be hectic again settling myself and Sid.
Also before shifting back I have decide to be on complete Filipinodiet hehehh :-). So today I would love to share one such recipe .Its called , “Fried Chicken with Lemon and spice sauce.
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