Choco Cookies

I am getting addicted to cookies…I don’t like eating them but yeah definitely getting addicted to baking.

Oh internet Oh Food blogs thanks all for all the information that I am getting …..just keeping fingers crossed and hoping that one day I can bake variety.Life has become so fun and exciting with blogging  .

Now every time Hubby takes out his laptop ..I do the same unlike before when I use to irritate him so that he had to stop working   :-P.

Alu Paratha

         Have nothing to say am just excited that atlast I can make yummy Paratha’s . I was always sacred to make chapatis and paratha’s but now I can make all types and it has become my sons favorite food. Any time you ask him what he wants to eat…he will say , “Paratha with Butter ” :-). 
For those who are still struggling with Paratha’s hope this simple steps solves your problem.
Makes 6 Parathas.
1 cup whole-wheat flour
1/2 cup water (Use more as required)
Pinch of salt

Potato Filling

Spicy Fish Kebab


Unpredictable weather isn’t it in Manila….morning hate to swim and the moment I finish swimming shivering half the time the sun is high up in the sky.Summer,Monsoon,Autumn, Spring etc….ask me and I have no answer.Ask me about food I have all the answer can have anything anytime but no desserts other than Ice cream but nowadays I am crazy about SanzRival…..anyone who knows the recipe please do share with me…I don’t like  desserts but give me SanzRival and I will look as if I was starving since ages:-).I even forget  the phrase….”Sharing is Caring :-)”.

You might be guessing that today’s recipe is a Dessert hmmm on the contrary its some spicy fish kebab.

It’s been sometime that I have left cooking and enjoying food contra outside. Yesterday when I went to get my grocery I noticed some fish kebab in the chiller section and I badly wanted to have some somehow controlled my temptations but  decide to make it at home. Picked few Creamy Dory from the fish section and hurried home .


Meatballs with Sauce

How are you guys…enjoying. I am enjoying every bit of my stay in manila,shopping,having fun exploring new places and trying yummy food in every alternative restaurant.Hey did you guys visit EastManila Club…if not you should definitely spend a day there with your kids they will love it.The beach waves ….haha it makes you feel as if you are in the beach. The waves though artificial is so strong that hubby wont allow me to go far and my frens kept an eye on me after my drowning incident in Blue Coral Resort, Batangas.

Next we plan to go to Hong kong,hope to get a good deal .I love to travel but with my small kid its at times so difficult but no option can’t go anywhere without him :-).Intend to learn few authentic recipes there too especially street food :-).I love to try my hands on   authentic recipes  .

Today I would make some Meatballs  for Spaghetti .Its a typical Pinoy recipe and I learnt it from one of the resort guy in East Manila Club.The original recipe is with Beef but I used Chicken as we don’t eat Beef.


Rava Dosa

 Introducing myself to Dosa….home made :-). I love Dosa and can have it anytime.For those who don’t know what Dosa is-Its a staple food of South India as well as in Sri Lanka. Rice is grounded thinly to form a batter-it can also be replaced with rice flour or semolina for aRava Dosa.Dosa is usually served with sambar and coconut chutneyas side dish and with potato as filling.However the side dish varies according to region or preferences and filling is also optional unless its masala Dosa.
 I remember when I was young whenever we went to restaurant I would only eat Dosa.I am a great fan of Dosa and Idli and so is my son.When my mother in law is around she  always make it for me and she is awesome cook. Being inspired from her I decided to try my hands on one….probably the easiest one 🙂 ,”Rava Dosa”.Luckily it was good though not as yummy as hers..”Will work harder next time”-sentence learnt from my 3-year-old son who keeps repeating this whenever he  does not want to do something :-).

Lemon Asparagus Spaghetti

spaghetti… my sons favorite. Last Thursday hubby took off so that both of us can have a day off :-). At last after a busy n hectic schedule he could manage to take an off…taking n off was better than me cribbing all the time 🙂 We went to greenhills…did lot of shopping ..explored some new cuisine, had hot hot soup as it was raining heavily. Luckily son was in school we had ample time with us While exciting from the complex..what luck we came across to a store that had variety of india spices and stuffs.Hurrah …hurrah it saved our time no need to go to the INDIAN store this time :-)..what luck. 


Sabudana Vada

Sabudana vada
   As promised to myself that I would focus on veggie items….I decided to make Sabu dana vada for family party this saturday. In India during Navrati , Saboo/Sabu Dana is especially prepared .Its is popular in Maharashtra.It is one of the best food during fast.
Saboodana vada reminds me of Pune ….me and my frens loved eating that with tea from Tapri (the roadside shop). I miss those days….hostel life is so much fun.The late night parties, decorating sleeping faces with tooth paste,gossiping etc.At times to keep reminding me of the wonderful times and my wonderful room mates I keep preparing the dishes we shared so often…….