Curd /Yogurt

Yogurt saved me hehhehe….thanks to it, could atleast fill my tummy  with yogurt rice and sleep.

Yesterday we , I mean myself and my friend decided to go for shopping to Devosoria….a shopping area where you get everything but you need to do lot of blah blah (bargain) and mind that pickpockets are always they’re looking for their victims . But trust me if you love shopping you will love the place.

   Anyway’s yesterday it was a mess though we shopped a lot… end of the day ,it was a  mess. We lost the driver and the car and so on on….it took almost 3 hours to find him and then start for home and what next wasted 2 more hours in traffic. Finally,we reached home…..elephants dancing in my tummy as we skipped lunch etc hoping to reach home early….rightly said destiny .

Anyways luckily there was curd at home..that too home made-what more can I ask :-). Homemade curd with rice and some spicy chutney….I know not all will like this combination but at times I do love to eat..

However, we all know that curd is really good for health .It can also be used for home beauty treatment ,hair and helpful in weight loss also.So, thought why not share the recipe with you


1. 2 Teaspoon curd.

2.2  Cup Milk.


1.Boil the milk( You can also use milk powder).

2.Let the milk cool sufficient enough that when u put a spoon full of milk in your hand it is hot but does not burn your hand.

Test the temperature......it should be hot but not burn your hand.

3.Add curd and mix lightly.

Keep in warm place -in the sun/preheated micro-oven/ wrapped in warm cloth.

4.Cover with a lid and put it in a warm place for 5 to 6 hrs.

5.Put it in  fridge for an hour and its ready to use.

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