Sushi Rolls

Today morning my best aunty in Manila, “Aunty Grace” was supposed to come for lunch and she wanted to have Indian food. Everything was prepared but something different was missing.

I thought why not add some Japanese touch to it as she loves Japanese food and the two boys in my life love that too especially the small one , ‘Sid’ who is so fussy about food. It’s very simple and indeed very healthy. This is not the first time that I am making Sushi Roll, I did make it before but in Indian Style.

Sushi roll with the filling

Front View 🙂


1.2 Carrots  (thin slices)

2.2 Cumber (thin slices)

3.Cheese (thin slices)

4.One tablespoon soya sauce.

5.One tablespoon Vinegar.

6.Shredded Chicken

7.Sticky Rice

8.Sushi sheet (seaweed sheets,as required)

9.Bamboo mat


1.Cook Sticky rice.

2.Soak the carrot,cucumber and boiled shredded chicken in 1 teaspoon of vinegar and soya sauce.

2.Place Bamboo mat ( It helps in rolling sushi sheets).

3.On top of the bamboo mat put the sushi sheet.

4.Put enough rice and spread it with the help of a spoon on the sushi sheet (keeping the sides empty).

4.Place the carrots ,cucumber ,cheese slices and shredded chicken on top of the rice.

5.Roll the sushi sheet with the help of the bamboo mat.

6.With a sharp knife cut it (1 inch per piece or as you desire)

You can eat it hot or cold.

Hope you enjoy the recipe….:-)

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