My favorite snacks , “MOMO” . I love momo and can have it day in and out.
Momo reminds me of Shillong the small hill town where i was born and bought up. I remember the restaurant , “Bamboo Hut” and “Broadway Restaurant” where me and my friends use to frequent bunking college (hope my professors don’t read :-)).
Momos I had many but  the best one was the one made by my friend , “Kanchan’s ” mom.

During my graduation exams i spend quite a few days in their house as we were doing joint studies. Aunty was so caring, she used to make lots of momos for us so that we could munch the whole night and study. Even though she made veg momos but trust me that tasted better than the non veg ones.


1. Minced Chicken
2. 1 teaspoon garlic.
3. 1 teaspoon celery leaves.
4. 1 teaspoon spring onion.
5. chilli flakes (optional)
6. Soya sauce.
7. All purpose flour.
8. salt
9. pepper

1. chop spring onion.
2. chop celery.
3. chop garlic.
4. Mix spring onion,celery,garlic ,minced chicken and little soya sauce.

TO MAKE DOUGH -Mix all purpose flour/maida, pepper and salt to make the dough and water.
Roll the dough and make circles 6-10 cm across
Place little of the mixture in the middle of each circle and wet the edges to stick easy.
Steam the momos for 10 mins.
Serve with some spicy sauce


5 responses to “MOMO

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  2. Wow. you were born in shillong…!

    Momos are my fav and I used to always frequent NOida’s Brahmaputra market for the best momo’s. I hope they still sell it there.

    Your momos looks fantastic

  3. Wow . . Gud to hear u blng to shlng. . Evn im frm shlng n stl here. . . . .its a fantastic plce wit its awsme cusne like non othr den momo’s. I jst love ds.

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