Machaar Chop (Fish Chop)

This is one of my favorite food.Even while writing down the recipe ,I wish i could have more of it.I find it completely mouth-watering.

Fish chop or Machaar chop as know in Kolkata is one of the most popular snacks that you mind find in any Bengali marriage. I had in mines :-).

My stay in Manila has really been fruitful I turned out to be a cook from a no cook.

Now for the recipe


1. 2 Potatoes(Boiled)

2. 3 Fish pieces

3.2 Teaspoon ginger,garlic,onion each.

4.2 Teaspoon Cumin,Red chilli and Coriander powder each.

Boiled Fish



1.Boil fish and debone and mince it.

2.In a pan take oil put little ginger ,garlic,onion and fry.

3.Put the minced fish and cumin,coriander,chilli pwd,pinch of sugar and salt and fry till cooked .

Potato mashed with dry ingredients.

In a large bowl put boiled potatoes,chilli chopped ,minced garlic and ginger,salt and mashed them together.

[ N.B-Rub your hands with little  oil]

Make small balls and make holes in between.

Put the fish filling in between and close it softly.

Potato filled with fish filling

Dip the potato with fish filling in egg and put it on bread crumbs and fry immediately. The outcome is as below

Cross section view


Fish Biryani

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