Basil Eggy Ball

Yesterday was party day and i had my menu list prepared a long time back. The only thing that i was still wondering-the appetizers.Nulled done to spinach pakora but what about the second one.

Searched the net but nothing seemed to interest me much and with my kid around it is so  difficult to use the internet.At last i decided to make MY SELF created recipe.

Named the recipe Basil Eggy Ball.


1. 4 Hard boiled egg.

2.One tomato cut into shapes of your own choice (for garnishing).

3.One potato boiled.

3 teaspoon Mayonnaise.

4.1 Tablespoon Peanut Sauce.

5.1 Teaspoon salt and pepper.

6.Basil leaves few sprigs (chopped finely).


1.Cut the Eggs into halves.

2.Take out the egg yolk.

3.Mash egg yolk,Mayonnaise,salt,pepper,potato,peanut and basil leaves.

4.Once finely mashed make balls and put it back in the egg.

5. Garnish with tomatoes.

Serve on any leave of your choice.

This is my self-created recipe…if you like this recipe please don’t forget to comment in my blog.

Your comments will be highly appreciated.

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