Ufff  …..its cold…winter time in delhi is bad hmmmm…siting with a cup of hot steaming tea in my hand I was wondering what to cook and write for today. Some hot soup would do good…..hmmm but then cant have one for lunch.

Why not I try some twist in dal and then banged on the idea  “Hot SteamingSpinach dal”.

As I put down my thinking cap and smiling to myself with the thought of making some hot spinach dal, the phone ranged and lol my friend called me and said that she will come over for lunch and wants a simple dal chawal lunch as she was bored of eating outside (the pain when you stay in hostel).

I smiled to myself thats good I dont have to make anything extra …its really boring to go to kitchen in cold days :-).

If you are bored with Palak Paneer do try some dal with Palak specially on cold days and you would love it.

Palak/ Spinach is very healthy and at least once a week you should include it in your diet.You can make Saag,palak paneer,palak dal ,palak chicken etc- A must for kids.




3 responses to “DAL SPINACH

  1. first time in your space…..this dal spinach recipe looks wonderful…..I too hav a space with variety of fish recipes…do viist mine when time permits 🙂 glad to follow ur space

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