Alu Paratha

         Have nothing to say am just excited that atlast I can make yummy Paratha’s . I was always sacred to make chapatis and paratha’s but now I can make all types and it has become my sons favorite food. Any time you ask him what he wants to eat…he will say , “Paratha with Butter ” :-). 
For those who are still struggling with Paratha’s hope this simple steps solves your problem.
Makes 6 Parathas.
1 cup whole-wheat flour
1/2 cup water (Use more as required)
Pinch of salt

Potato Filling

6 responses to “Alu Paratha

  1. This is one such dish which i couldn’t learn to make yet. I suck at making stuffed paratha .. need to really learn how to 🙂 This looks lovely.

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