Spicy Fish Kebab


Unpredictable weather isn’t it in Manila….morning hate to swim and the moment I finish swimming shivering half the time the sun is high up in the sky.Summer,Monsoon,Autumn, Spring etc….ask me and I have no answer.Ask me about food I have all the answer can have anything anytime but no desserts other than Ice cream but nowadays I am crazy about SanzRival…..anyone who knows the recipe please do share with me…I don’t like  desserts but give me SanzRival and I will look as if I was starving since ages:-).I even forget  the phrase….”Sharing is Caring :-)”.

You might be guessing that today’s recipe is a Dessert hmmm on the contrary its some spicy fish kebab.

It’s been sometime that I have left cooking and enjoying food contra outside. Yesterday when I went to get my grocery I noticed some fish kebab in the chiller section and I badly wanted to have some somehow controlled my temptations but  decide to make it at home. Picked few Creamy Dory from the fish section and hurried home .


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