Meatballs with Sauce

How are you guys…enjoying. I am enjoying every bit of my stay in manila,shopping,having fun exploring new places and trying yummy food in every alternative restaurant.Hey did you guys visit EastManila Club…if not you should definitely spend a day there with your kids they will love it.The beach waves ….haha it makes you feel as if you are in the beach. The waves though artificial is so strong that hubby wont allow me to go far and my frens kept an eye on me after my drowning incident in Blue Coral Resort, Batangas.

Next we plan to go to Hong kong,hope to get a good deal .I love to travel but with my small kid its at times so difficult but no option can’t go anywhere without him :-).Intend to learn few authentic recipes there too especially street food :-).I love to try my hands on   authentic recipes  .

Today I would make some Meatballs  for Spaghetti .Its a typical Pinoy recipe and I learnt it from one of the resort guy in East Manila Club.The original recipe is with Beef but I used Chicken as we don’t eat Beef.


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