Butter Chicken

Is it summer …hmmm finding it really difficult to predict in Manila since the sun,cloud and rain is taking its turn every day.

One day it rains and the whole day is cloudy.Assuming the same temperature to follow I decide to make some soup and lol the next day the sun is high up in the sky seems to be smiling at me at my ruined plan.

Phew at times its so irritating you plan your recipe but the weather ditches you.

Few days back I decide to make some spicy butter chicken as it was cloudy for almost a week .Guess what – the cooking was done and the sun just rushed out to laugh at me knowing that it  we avoid having spicy food when it’s too hot. Yeah that day onwards I decided to cook summery food for the whole of may and June.

Butter chicken is typically a Punjabi dish served with roti,paratha,naan or steamed rice. Hey we all cook Butter chicken but do you know who introduced Butter Chicken.It was introduced by Kundan Lal Gujral, a Hindu Punjabi.My recipe might not be the authentic one but might be somewhere nearby ;-).


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