Fish in Banana leaf

Steamed Fish


No no I have not left blogging. I know its ages since I blogged , I just replaced one of the bees. You might be wondering what I am talking about , I was actually busy as a bee .

     Days just flew touring around the city, cooking (actually cooked a lot but had no time to click :-(),shopping and hanging around m favorite joints. Not to forget  my son also always kept me on my toes.

   The last one month though hectic was really fun.My laws were in town and me,mother and sister-in-law had a gala time. We visited quite a few historical places in Manila, will tell you about that in my later posts and about the wonderful place, Boracay where i had a fabulous birthday treat – A must visit place.


One response to “Fish in Banana leaf

  1. Sounds like you’ve had lots of fun lately.
    And the fish in the banana leaf – yum. Guess I need to get some banana leaves from my parents house 🙂

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