Yummy Crab (Filipino Recipe)

All shellfish including crab  have plentiful amounts of selenium. Selenium is an anti-oxidant, and cancels out the carcinogenic effects of cadmium, mercury and arsenic, which can cause tumors. Higher levels of selenium in the blood lead to lower rates of cancer. In fact, lysate, which is extracted from the blue blood of the horse-shoe crab is used for detection of spinal meningitis and for fighting cancer.


Todays recipe is Crab Filipino style. I learnt this recipe from my Yaya (Jenny) . In fact i learnt a lot of Filipino dishes from her.

In Manila, we get quite a variety of crabs in Guadalupe market, Mandaluyong. You know you are approaching Guadalupe Station when you see from a distance the humongous steel bridge that is Guadalupe Interchange-Bridge and the clusters of large commercial billboards on both sides of Pasig. The bridge was built over Pasig River during the 1950s to connect Makati City to Mandaluyong City.

One interesting fact that i learned about the market and it really fascinated me and i am eager to share with you is their DRESS CODE.

Observe the photo below….

Orange Code for Chicken

It’s so organized and everyone is so friendly there. One more interesting thing is around 12-1 pm all lights are switched off as its their lunch time.The dress code they follow is:

RedDress code for Meat Section.

White-Dress Code for Fast Food.

Blue Shells and Fish Section.

Orange-Dress Code for Chicken Section.

Green Dress Code for Vegetables.

Pink-Dress Code for Plastic Ware.


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