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Green Moong Dal Cheela

31957538_10155759346704865_1775974306950414336_n Green moong dal is healthy ,low flat and high fiber source of protein.Its has lot of healthy benefits and also rejuvenates our skin.It is also considered as one of the healthiest weight loss food item as it curbs craving and keep us full for long.

Now,talking about weight loss, a big point of concern specially for someone like me who is very lazy for any sort of physical activity even walking seems a far cry.Hence from this month onward I decided to start eating a little healthy breakfast to curb a little of my belly fat.

Initially, I started with oats but got bored in just 3 days moreover my kids hated oats so I had to think of an alternative not only for myself but also for them. After lot of research and thought process I started with green moong fritters and my kids simply loved it.

Penning down the recipes for all of you and hope you enjoy it.


1.1/2 cup soaked overnight  green moong dal.

2.1 tbs of chopped ginger.

3.1-2 green chili

4.salt as per taste

5.1/4 cup oil.


1.Grind all the above ingredients except oil into a fine paste.

2.Heat oil in a pan add a TBSP of the paste and spread it evenly using the back of the serving spoon and let it cook by flipping the side.

3.Serve it with chutney or sauce.



Corn Soup

Women in expensive fur coats and hats….men in black wish they could work from home and kids wished their moms were not too fussy about taking bath everyday -hmmm this is winter.

Pigeon were afraid to leave their roosts for the feast.Water refuses to boil no mater how stubborn you were.

All waited for winter to disappear but it was as adamant as a rock. But when the morning sun touched us with its golden beams the chill was forgotten and routine was noted.

Cupboards were searched for gloves, scarves,sweaters and socks. Kitchen’s were smelling of soups….blankets were piled one on top of the other to keep  warm.Neighbors exchanged soup recipes and kids ran to each others house to have something hot.So i decided to share my recipe to keep you warm 🙂 .

Corn Soup.

Do you want to be healthy

Eat….eat….vegetables, fresh juice…..sleep…sleep …sleep…study……etc remember those days when our moms use to run after us….and we use to get irate with her nagging .Being a mom now I realize how true Moms are….hahah  hope my kid understands me too.

Two kids to take care- Jr Dutt (my son) and Sr Dutt( my husband) I decided to do some research on healthy food and would like to share the same with all of you so that with growing age you guys can also focus on your and your family’s health.

The first healthy food that I would love to introduce you is Beet Juice.Its simple, yummy and very healthy.



Capsicum Bharwa

BRRRR…..Its geting cold going to the kitchen is really boring.LaZiness has become my close friend and I feel like following her everywhere 🙂 .However ,with Mr Sid (my 4-year-old son) around I have to be on my toes as he never feels tired-questioning and talking are his so-called  best friend’s according to us.



Ufff  …..its cold…winter time in delhi is bad hmmmm…siting with a cup of hot steaming tea in my hand I was wondering what to cook and write for today. Some hot soup would do good…..hmmm but then cant have one for lunch.

Why not I try some twist in dal and then banged on the idea  “Hot SteamingSpinach dal”.

As I put down my thinking cap and smiling to myself with the thought of making some hot spinach dal, the phone ranged and lol my friend called me and said that she will come over for lunch and wants a simple dal chawal lunch as she was bored of eating outside (the pain when you stay in hostel).

I smiled to myself thats good I dont have to make anything extra …its really boring to go to kitchen in cold days :-).

If you are bored with Palak Paneer do try some dal with Palak specially on cold days and you would love it.

Palak/ Spinach is very healthy and at least once a week you should include it in your diet.You can make Saag,palak paneer,palak dal ,palak chicken etc- A must for kids.




Wish you all happy diwali with some Besan Ladoo’s


Sweets,Rangoli ,Fire Crackers,exchange of gifts, jewelery shopping,mehandi ……….Diwali time- one of the most awaited festivals in North India.

This festival is believed to drive away darkness and bring happiness to everyone’s life.Houses are lid with Diyas , light, candles and few days before this festival people  clean there houses as it is believed that goddess Laxmi comes to the cleanest house and stays there :-).


Am strictly on Filipino Diet :-)…..Chicken with Lemon Cinnamon Sauce

Confused if am sad or happy….few more days left for me to relocate to India and am not sure if I am happy or sad. Excited to meet old friends but sad to leave my Manila friends.
We have enjoyed here so much with endless get together, trips, barbeques and lots and lots of activities.Yummy food cooked by yayas,sons school etc.
Yups, ready to move on with all the sweet memories.Also looking forward to meet some of my best friends. The last one month was really busy with all packing and stacking 🙂 ,determined to take complete rest for the next 15 days as the following 1 month will be hectic again settling myself and Sid.
Also before shifting back I have decide to be on complete Filipinodiet hehehh :-). So today I would love to share one such recipe .Its called , “Fried Chicken with Lemon and spice sauce.
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